Modified the Yak-54 Foam Model RC Plane

After the bad crash which has caused nose to break apart from the fuselage, I get to know about a few mistakes/disadvantages in the current design that I did as a beginner. Those are:- less distance between propeller tip to ground and weak motor mount to foam. As I'm still lacking of good landing technique, whenever it lands, the prop would hit the ground and results the second problem where motor mount comes out of foam.

Decreasing the prop size might not be a good solution. So, I decided to shift entire nose part up making the model to become a low wing plane and to make stronger motor mount. It's just a 'trial and error' experiment. So, I started doing a motor mount made of wood with 4 short CF tubes (which I had saved some extra pieces when I was making gliders previously).     

Later, I glued it to 2 foams which has been slotted earlier for fixing the CF tubes. I glued some balsa wood at the foam sides to make a sandwich-like structure. 

Finally, I glued it onto the model and gave life to a new low-wing RC model :D. I still haven't flight tested it. I'm waiting to fly it with one of my Professors who said that will bring his RC model too.

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