Yak-54 35" Depron Foam Model Build Log- Part 4

Continuing the build log of Yak-54 model. As per said in the post before, after a hard landing which has caused the motor mount and landing gear mount to break, I've further modified the model to have less frontal area, strengthened the landing gear attachment with foam, redid the motor mount.

Reducing the frontal area

Placing the landing gear between balsa wood and over that is ice cream pop stick on both sides.

I have tested it on the next day and it flew nearly for 45 seconds smoothly and then I lost control over the plane when it did a steep left roll followed by a crash landing which broke the fuse nose mounting :D There are two reasons for this. First, I am still a beginner rc pilot and need to master flight maneuvering skills. Second, my transmitter control sticks are a bit sensitive. Here are the picture of the model with broken nose.  

I have further modified it. I've shifted the nose entirely up making the model to be a low-wing model. See it in my next post :D

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