Yak-54 35" Depron Foam Model Build Log- Part 1

The depron foam model of Yak-54 has a wingspan of 35". It is a aerobatic 3D plane and able to hover, hang vertically in flight (due to thrust produced by electric motor mounted on nose), do torque rolls and tail touches. 

You can download pdf plans of this plane from link 1 or link 2. I'm going with the 35" plan in first link. We should use lighter electronic components for this kind of model which you can buy from the nearest RC hobby shops. For us in Malaysia, there are various RC hobby shops in Klang Valley but, I prefer RCSmart which is located in Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya because it's the nearest to my university and easiest to reach (Taman Jaya LRT station in front Amcorp Mall). We are using the following electronic components bought from RCSmart.

1) Brushless motorTower Pro 2408-21 black
2) Electronic Speed Control - Emax 20A ESC for brushless motors
3) 9 gram servos (x4)
4) 11.1V 3S 1300mah 25C Li-Po battery
5) Fly Sky 8-channel Receiver unit
6) FlySky TH9X Transmitter unit

The following image shows basic electronic circuit for remote controlled aircraft.

However, we're going to modify the flat single-foam fuselage shown in the plan into thicker fuselage with compartment inside it for the ease of electronic parts placement. Hoping to build something like shown in the image below. 

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