Yak-54 35" Depron Foam Model Build Log- Part 3

Two days ago, I started creating a mount for motor. Glued 2 wooden sticks to wooden motor mount as shown in the next image. These sticks will be glued to the foam which is cut at half-depth. This will make motor mount structure much strong. 

Next, the bottom compartment of airplane was inserted/glued with some small foam sheets to strengthen the wall structure.

Small slots were cut in the foam to install servos and control horns were added to the control surfaces such as both ailerons, rudder and elevator. These control horns and servos shall be connected using small steel rod. This will allow the servo arms to push/pull control horns attached to the surfaces.


We may use dual servos or single servo setup for ailerons. From what I read on internet, single micro-servos will have to work harder to push/pull two ailerons at same time. So, some prefer to use FLAPERON channel (CH6) for second servo and program it accordingly in transmitter so that both ailerons will move in opposite manner. 

Later, I added landing gears, covered bottom surface with foam sheets and made the top cover to be open-able/ removable for the ease of battery changing. There are two kinds of landing gear types used. First is taildragger type and the second is tri-cycle alike landing gear. I have used taildragger style landing gear set, so that it will resemble the look of Yak-54 model. Besides that, there is no specific reason for me choosing it. But, many RC hobbyists recommend tri-cycle type (will write more about it next time).

And that's it. It's ready to fly.

On 7th November 2012 (Wednesday), I did a taxi test in a fairly smooth playing court and later in our university stadium running track. As a beginner in remote controlled aircraft work, I experienced some difficulties(fear) during its flight and this resulted in sudden dive followed by a crash. Luckily it was just a small take off.

After the test, I've modified it further to have better landing gear supporting structure and reduced frontal area(near motor&propeller) to increase its propulsion efficiency. And I made it to fly! Will write further about it in the next post.


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please tell wich motor you used!!!

Rethnaraj Rambabu

hi! I used TowerPro 2408-21T Black brushless motor.

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